Have problems with your air-conditioner ?

Protect your computers from variations of temperature is important.
We propose you: I-Clim, a product that allows you monitoring your computer room temperature at any moment and from anywhere with any Internet browser.

I-Clim send you an e-mail alert

I-Clim, send you an e-mail alert

With I-Clim you can control the ambient temperature of your room from anywhere with Intenet.

I-Clim alerts you of overheating with an e_mail alarm

You can setup I-Clim inputs to schedule access to your computer room. You can also trigger an additional air-conditioner on I-clim outputs.

Save time and money with I-Clim.
You monitor the temperature from anywhere.
I-Clim statistics allows you to anticipate breakdowns of air-conditioning.

Protect your data-processing investment

Enough with processors and HDD's overheat!
Supervise and have a complete monitoring of temperature with I-Clim

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